ytz hydraulic

Foshan Youtianzhao Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd, which is located in Xiebian First Industrial Part, Nanhai District, Foshan, is a high technology enterprise that specializes in manufacturing, maintaining and modifying hydraulic equipment.

The company mainly markets hydraulic equipment such as A4VSO 125/180/250/355 variable displacement piston pumps, PV 180/270 variable pumps, DR/DRG/LR2G control valves, which feature high pressure, variable and large displacement. The products are widely applied in steel, metallurgy, ceramics, insulation materials, railway shields, hydraulic and hydroelectric engineering, engineering machinery, petroleum equipment, rubber tire vulcanizing hydraulic machines and marine industry repair.

The company also specializes in maintaining and repairing A4VSO 40/71/125/180/250/355/500 hydraulic pumps, DR/DRG/LR2G/LR2N/MA control valves, PARKER PV180/270 pumps, various proportional valves, servo valves, shuttle valves and electronic cards and screens of REXROTH MOOG ATOS VICKERS.